Gravel Packers

Gravel Packers are designed to keep the gravel on the road or shoulder, allowing the grader operator to grade and pack at the same time. Raglan’s design is by far the lightest and most compact grader on the market, saving fuel, time and money. We custom engineer each packer to attach to any existing ripper, wing or auxiliary mount.

Available Options:

Gravel Packer


Length – 48’

Width – 102”

Height – 48”

Weight – Approx. 2,000 lbs


Frame – Tubular construction
Continuous weld

Tires – Twelve (12) 750-15 NHS 14 ply compactor tires

Drum – 3/8” wall x 15” O.D. x 90”

Bearings – Pillow block NTN 2”

Cylinder – 3” bore x 16” stroke x 1 ½” rod

Paint – Sandblasted, primed, and painted yellow

Conspicuity Tape – Mounted on three (3) sides

Slow Moving Sign – Mounted @ rear

Grader Mounts:

Brackets and Hardware – Built to suit hook up to existing mounts

Hydraulic Lines – Hook-up to rear auxiliary of grader

Relief Valve – 400 psi, adjustable